There is much pride and raised self-esteem when one is aware of the #history and #culture past within their ancestral lineage



Panina Wambua struggle to improving the lives of African girls
“The education of parents about health issues and the primary importance of female education are central to the School Development Plan process. Change does not happen overnight but without community members like Panina Mambua this process would be impossible She (and countless others like her) is the catalyst transforming the education opportunities of girls all over rural Africa.”

they think Hispanics and Blacks are supposedly America’s biggest criminals but you don’t see them going to theatres or schools To killing innocent people



To demonstrate against the regulations is the right of every citizen on earth, but what I do not understand is you out completely naked to demonstrate and protest nudity was needed against the new Egyptian constitution or exploitation newspapers and the media to publicize your body Result Misconception of the meaning of freedom Struggle is not in striptease thes pic Insult, defamation, desecration of humanity , Freedom does not mean that living like animals #shame
They believe women’s rights comes Nudity Using religion as justification for them , They are looking for fame and i was read books of toni morrison that a big feminist author and i niva one day heard she say women need to gat nudity to get hir rights