MA’AT is the goddess of Justice and Truth. Her teachings can be compared to the conscience of a person It’s reasonable to say that MA’AT’S teachings aided the people of Kemet into being good individuals. It was considered a crime against MA’AT if a person practiced jealousy, dishonesty, gluttony, laziness, injustice, and ungratefulness When a person died, their heart was weighed against feather of MA’AT on a huge scale. The heart was the sole substance of a person’s Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions; in a sense it was thought to hold a person’s Soul. If the person’s heart was filled with wrongful deeds and it was deemed heavier then the feather of MA’AT, the person’s heart would be destroyed and eaten by the Demon Ammut. If this happened the deceased would suffer a nonexistent fate and would cease to exist.


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