The Red, Black, and Green flag is something that’s often hung by many black organizations around the world. You’ll also see plenty of our “conscious” brothers and sisters wearing the colors but do we even know where they come from or what they stand for? In 1920, Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association held its first national convention in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Over 25,000 black people from all over the world came to this convention and another 10,000 waited outside. Some of which came from Africa, Asia, and South America were threatened with death and life imprisonment if they attended the convention but they still came anyway. During the convention, a flag was made to represent black people all over the world. Now I’m sure many of us have heard the “Red for our blood, Black for our people, and Green for the land” speech but there is a much greater meaning behind the colors.(SanCopha) They represent the sacrifices our ancestors made to show us “WE ARE SOMEBODY”.  The colors are a symbol of Hope but most of all they scream UNITY!!! We need to have love for one another and put aside all the petty differences. “Learn to see me as a Brother instead of two distant strangers.” If you can’t do that, If you can’t embody what the colors stand for; if you allow your religion, job, skin complexion, education, or any other thing to separate you from your people then please don’t walk around with these colors. It’s an insult to all those who have sacrificed so much with the vision of a better tomorrow. Red, Black, and Green: The Colors of a Nation!!!


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