The true nation…

The true nationalist does not escape and hide through the glorification of the PAST what MUST be done in the PRESENT and the FUTURE The bogus nationalist however rises and raises up the people, builds up a false pride in the people in terms of the past history, but he leaves them groping as to WHAT MUST BE DONE NOW He leaves them feeling high-and-mighty when they walk out of the lecture halls auditoriums and churches with his oratory ringing in their ears – only to face the Korean stores once they get outside only to face their communities taken over by Arabs by Hispanics and other groups And with that ringing oratory and rhetoric they must face the reality that while the knowledge of history is wonderful, great, and a necessary part of our resurrection as a people, it is not going to be our sole basis of salvation Besides concerning ourselves with our PAST we must concern ourselves with NOW and must use now to create the FUTURE The true nationalist is forward-looking and futuristic

 Dr. Amos Wilson


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