Nubian children

Nubian children need a historical reference point which establishes for them who they are where they come from and who they have the potential to be Thus, Nubian children need to be told where they come from, whether they live in Africa or the diaspora They need a historical perspective on themselves and ultimately all Nubian people They need to be told the importance of and understand their connection to certain facts and symbols in the world in language they can comprehend The importance of education self-sufficiency of doing for self of critical thinking etc is crucial in developing a wholesome character Many of these factors will be best taught through practical tasks and chores that the child/ren has to carry out on a regular basis some of which they should receive payment for In this way we are ingendering an understanding of the importance of reliability responsibility and reciprocity At the same time it is important that children do not come to rely on paid work in adulthood leading to the prevalent problem Nubian communities in the diaspora and Africa experience of paid employment being the norm rather than creative entrepreneurship which we need more of

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