Pan Africanism fundamentally stands for the disproof of

Pan Africanism fundamentally stands for the disproof of African inferiority and the unison of African people and their descents in regards to political and fiscal cooperation awareness of culture and history and independence The prevalent development of Pan Africanism was a necessary reaction to European colonization in the continent of Africa during the 19th century Pan Africanism is also widespread due to the African Diaspora which involved enslaved Africans who were coerced into a system of exploitation Political movements in the Americas Europe and Africa aimed for a reunification of solidarity to fight against this type of cruel oppression Knowledge of Pan Africanism is especially in reference to Afrocentric interpretation instead of the Anglo-Saxon interpretation African Congresses and African Associations such as African Unification Front All-African People’s Revolutionary Party Pan Africanist Congress of Azania Pan-African Federation and The Council of African Affairs have been created to maintain the foundation of this movement and fight against exploitation. Pan African culture intends to share the suffering and oppression and more importantly the resistance of people of African descent against heinous treatment African people and people of African descent have struggled for African liberation and continental cohesion maximizing advantages poverty reduction lessening stigmatization from a race-based social hierarchy the preservation of culture and human dignity and the necessary tools to repair adverse conditions that thwart the economic development of African countries and other people in different parts the world today


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