African people worldwide find ourselves at yet another

African people worldwide find ourselves at yet another historical crossroads with an international mass movement on the horizon The future is full of potential if we seize on the opportunity now to come together and form the organic and symbiotic relationships required for us to advance the cause of African liberation and unity to its victorious conclusion in our life time We are confronted with the violent desperation of a dying imperialism combined with a general weakness and disunity within the African Liberation Movement In order for us to have a fighting chance we must unify our efforts and organize around a common set of goals and objectives Our geographical , linguistic,organizational, ideological, and class differences must not undermine our ability to move forward as a single people against our common enemies in the interest of our freedom and development It is imperative that we take the initiative to proactively establish new relationships with each other so that it is possible for us to get familiar and cultivate principled solidarity between those brothers and sisters of this new generation of African leadership that are actively involved in the work to educate, organize, and mobilize our people especially the youth into the revolutionary process of African Liberation

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