fiscal mismanagement is part of the root problem

fiscal mismanagement is part of the root problem If we were to ask how many former African presidents have been found to have misappropriated public funds while in office our findings would be shocking Nearly half of them have been implicated in cases of embezzling funds in one way or another while in office Some have swindled their people of millions if not billions of dollars Shame on them What Africa needs is leadership with a servant’s heart not imperialistic like leaders who are only in the game for themselves and not for the people Africa needs leaders who can deliver real results We can’t just be independent theoretically now is high time to get practical We need tangible deeds not merely sugar-coated empty promises When I hear of countries such as South Africa and Ghana and Angola among a few others that are making great strides economically my heart leaps for joy So in a nutshell what exactly has been the cause of failure and poverty in most of Africa in spite of the continent being the most endowed with natural resources? It is simply bad governance lack of vision and selfish leadership If am wrong then someone had better tell me what the root cause is For this one thing is sure, proper planning, right motives, and good governance do not lead nations to poverty, war, divisions, military coups, and bloodshed Those who stir their nations into such activities have no justifiable reasons to do so no matter which side of the isle they fall on I am not just talking about irresponsible leaders but also rebels who think assuming power through violence and bloodshed is acceptable


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