Mau Mau Freedom Fighters In Kenya Get Compensation From British Colonialists

More than 5,000 Kenyans say they were mistreated – some through torture when the British fought a bitter battle with Mau Mau insurgents who were demanding land and an end to colonial rule.

After struggles that have taken years to resolve, the British government is paying compensation to thousands of Kenyans tortured by their colonial occupation forces in the 1950’s. Known as the Mau Mau rebellion after the name given to the Kenya Land and Freedom Army (KLFA), it was a long struggle to gain freedom from British imperialist rule, and thousands were killed, injured and tortured. The Kenya Human Rights Commission estimates that over 90,000 were tortured, maimed or executed, and an additional 160,000 were subject to inhumane detention. As seen by these recent events, the legacy of imperialism still remains to be struggled against.


British Foreign Secretary William Hague made the announcement, and as reported by the BBC:

“He said the UK government recognised Kenyans were tortured and it “sincerely regrets” the abuses that took place.

A lawyer for the victims said they “at last have the recognition and justice…

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