On this day, June 30, 1960, the Congo,


On this day, June 30, 1960, the Congo, arguably the world  most minerally rich nation, declared its independence from one of the most savage of colonizers, the bloody, beastly Belgians!…under the leadership of this man, Patrice Lumumba, who went to the great lengths of speaking four languages to bring his people together to make that moment happen! and who told his colonizers that “we will be your monkeys no more! in that glorious moment Savagely, of course, true to their devilish colors, the Belgians orchestrated a violent split within the new government in just a matter months! It would culminate with the assassination of Lumumba, the Lion of Pan-Afrikanism who brought it all together on January 17, ’61, less than seven months later

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