Blair article Balawbozorfr: Egypt’s army was faced with two choices either to intervene or chaos out of 17 million people was a manifestation of the people’s authority even happened in Britain a scene similar to the government fell Brotherhood opposition did not turn to authority

Tony Blair the former British prime minister and envoy of the international Quartet for the Middle East that the events that led to the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi army made the military institution the option of either intervention or simple chaos

Blair said in an article in the newspaper “The Observer” British “It is true that out of 17 million people in the streets is not like elections but gorgeous appearance to the authority of the people, which is equivalent to exit 13 million British almost, they reasoned in this matter for a moment, it is true that the army did not interfere in Britain would have seen a similar thing, but the government is not here to stay, too, “Blair criticized the Muslim Brotherhood and said they could not shift from the movement of opposition to the government. It is true that it is possible because the governments control bad or good or average but this situation is different, the economy is stopped, and the normal order and security has disappeared, and the devices do not operate efficiently, although the Minister performed to their best. Blair says he met several weeks ago, the Minister of Tourism, and thought it was excellent and he has a plan to revive Egypt He had resigned days before isolating when Marina appoint a governor for the shortest of the Islamic group

He continues Blair said The army is now facing a delicate task and difficult to steer the country back towards elections and the rapid return to democratic rule and hoped to be able to do this without further bloodshed But there will be someone manages things and governance and this means taking some tough decisions and perhaps even unpopular this will not be easy

Blair stressed that what is happening in Egypt is the latest example of the interaction between democracy and protest and effective governance. Democracy is a means to identify decision-makers, but it is not a substitute for decision-making. He says he remembers a conversation with a number of Egyptian youth after the overthrow of Mubarak, has been thought that democracy will solve the problems. When he was looking for the appropriate economic policy to Egypt said simply that everything would be okay because it will have a democracy then they will have economic thought

And what the West can do now, Blair said that Egypt is the latest reminder that the region is in trouble and will not leave the West would though unwilling to do so. Disengagement is not an option, because the current situation is not optional Any decision after the move is in itself a decision has big implications. Blair stressed that the West can not afford the collapse of Egypt and therefore should continue with the actual new powers and help the new government to make the necessary changes particularly in the economy so that they can realize the hopes of the people. In this way we can help to form a return path to the ballot boxes which are all planned for them and the Egyptians


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