Kwame Nkrumah unique among his peers A political strategist and a visionary Initiator of the African Personality A fighter for the total liberation of Africa A strong proponent of African Unity He planned his Presidency future oriented And lived ahead of his time Chose African people first Before himself He wrote a book Neo-colonialism The Last Stage of Imperialism The USA government punished Ghanaians for this publication During his reign no affirmative action But women excelled And education for all And tribalism unknown After his death his peers confessed That he was 100 years ahead of them And they were 100 years behind him All the criticism and opposition were baseless President J. F. Kennedy broke all diplomatic protocol By climbing into the plane to welcome Nkrumah The first and last President To be accorded such an honor He used constitutional means To break the back of the British Empire And set the momentum For the total liberation of Africa He united the opposition instead of dividing them While in the USA the FBI opened a file on him Because he was preaching African Nationalism To Africans in the United States Who were suffering under Jim Crow laws His speech at the15th Anniversary of the UN Drew the longest standing ovation In the history of the UN Thus a worldwide recognition for Africa


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