Global Africans need to uplift each other instead of degrading each other One of my friends was talking to a Haitian male. She was just making fun of his country saying that it is poor and there is no water There is no infrastructure Instead of looking at the bad why not look at the good? Also why not talk about the history of Haiti and the imperialism in received over the past 400 years Did you know Haiti was the first country to abolish slavery? The Haitian Revolution kicked out the French and beat some of the strongest armies in the world to end slavery At the time Haiti was one o the richest countries in the Western Hemisphere Did you know the Haiti paid FRANCE reparations for about 120 years? Haiti paid France 90 million gold francs. France said they lost money on the slaves they invested in so they wanted reparations Did you know that in the early 1900’s America invaded Haiti and stole gold? It has also had a lot of neocolonialism such as Presidents being overthrown for puppets who serve foreign countries People like Papa Doc were installed and Aristede was overthrown twice So there are REASONS behind the poverty You need to look at the history to understand the present My friend shouldn’t have degraded Haiti like that she should have uplifted the country and talked about the goods We need to stop having such a negative outlook on ourselves

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