Pan Africanism initiative that seeks to unlock the minds of the African people to realize their full potential At Project Pan-Africa we believe that all Africans share a common destiny and must therefore pursue a common vision
Our Vision:
We desire to see all Africans becoming confident in themselves and working together for the common good of the African people We crave for a continent where every African can be proud and feel at home no matter where he/she may be on the African soil We believe that African problems must be solved by Africans and with African resources
We are determined to:
Foster unity among Africans both home and abroad and to help instil confidence in the African personality
Liberate the minds of the African youth to take the destiny of Africa into their own hands
Look for all the hidden talents in Africa interview them and give them media exposure
Promote African innovations to the outside world to believe in Africa and to patronize African products and services
Create a revolution in the minds of every African to place the African picture above his political, religious, ethnical or national identity
Encourage the African people to believe in themselves and to patronize African technology, African innovations, goods and services
Create a mental revolution in the African woman to be proud of her natural beauty, and to portray the African fashion that reflects African norms and values
Inculcate in the youth a sense of patriotism and Pan-Africanism for the African unification project
Create a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas between black people throughout the world to help solve African problems
Make resources available for the children of Africa to learn and to appreciate the dreams of the founding fathers of Pan-Africanism
Serve as the bridge that will connect and coordinate major programs of all Pan-African institutions across Africa and the African diaspora
Interview exceptional but hidden talents in Africa and give them media exposure
Frequently organize seminars/workshops for students across secondary schools, basic schools and the universities in Africa to stimulate a mental revolution among the youth
Occasionally organize seminars with African students in selected overseas universities to encourage them to return home and contribute to the development of Africa
Occasionally dialogue with local African governments on educational policies to implement policies that harness African values and culture
Acquire and distribute copies of Pan-African books to local African community libraries and schools where our seminars shall be held
Regularly interact with the media to get our message across to a wider audience
Pan-Africanism is a which fought to end slavery in the 19th century In the 20th century the Pan-African Movement overthrew the colonial regimes and gave the African people independence Today the Pan-African agenda is about owning the destiny of Africa by harnessing our cultural heritage and promoting unity among Africans taking control of our resources and resisting neo-colonialism and imperialism from all fronts The PPA seeks to create 1 million of Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Jomo Kenyatta,Steve Biko,Thomas Sankara and others to take Africa through the next stage of our economic independence We also seek to create a positive image about Africa to the outside world to visit Africa experience our values and appreciate our beautiful continent
This can however be achieved by unlocking the minds of Africans youth to take African destiny into their own hands We realize that Africa’s future depends on us the African people


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