“Brazil is not ready for a black president”: Brazil’s Chief Justice of the Supreme Court speaks frankly about racism and other problems facing the country

Black Women of Brazil

Note from BW of Brazil:Back in the period between late 2008 and early 2009, when then Senator Barack Obama was elected and then assumed the post of the president of the United States, many black Brazilians began to ask the question of when Brazil, a country with a larger black population than that of the US, would elect a black president*. In a recent interview, the first black President (or Chief Justice) of Brazil’s Supreme Court expressed his opinion on this and other topics including a recent controversy in which he was accused of snubbing the Brazilian president, Dilma Rouseff, during a recent visit of the Pope. In this discussion, Barbosa speaks frankly on the topic of race and how black Brazilians are viewed in the society covering a range of topic that have been featured on this blog. Check out the interview below. 

Barbosa says Brazil not ready…

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