If there is no Africanness then there are no Africans Fortunately Africanness exists among Africans on all fundamental issues of their life They have suffered the holocaust of the Slave Trade, Colonialism and ongoing racism That is why many regard themselves as Africans first and their clan or country identities as secondary They are anti-tribalism and have intermarried among themselves unlike in the past and unlike others who have kept to themselves They regard those who owe their allegiance to Africa as African and respect the fundamental values of the African majority Africans belong together whether they like it or not Their survival and security depend very much on this togetherness whatever problems they face in that togetherness That is why they are all in the African Union That is why the Organisation of African Unity was formed to decolonise the Continent Pan Africanism itself is a manifestation of fraternal solidarity among Africans and people of African descent The recent Global Diaspora African Summit held in Johannesburg on Africa Liberation Day 25 May 2012 is evidence that wherever Africans are they share the same aspirations to restore Africa’s power to achieve the economic liberation of this continent and its technological advancement. So-called “New South Africa” cannot be an exception. Africanness is strongly related to Africanism, African Personality, Pan Africanism, African Nationalism, Afrocentricity and Africentric view of the world Let me now share briefly what some of African great leaders and visionaries have said about some of these concepts On African personality Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said, “The desire of the African people to unite and to assert their personality in the context of the African community has made itself felt everywhere” In March 1960 he added “Ghana independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa and with the projection of African personality in the international community” On culture Nkrumah said “We are doing everything to revive our culture, but if this revival is to endure, it must be based on strong moral and spiritual foundation Our moral and spiritual qualities should not lag behind the progress we are making in the economic field” That profound Pan Africanist scholar Dr. Antony Muziwakhe Lembede observed that “Nationalism has been tested in the peoples’ struggles and fires and found to be the only effective weapon against foreign rule and imperialism Africans are the natives of Africa from time immemorial Africa belongs to them.Out of the heterogeneous tribes must emerge a homogeneous nation” Africanness is related to Africanism and Pan African Nationalism It is a reality African Nationalism will not go away It is the African weapon for attaining authentic liberation where Africans control the riches of Africa for the benefit of the presently economically brutalised and criminally oppressed African people of this country and continent


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