The war on smokers & smoking, its Stasi system of informants and presence of the infrastructure of the prison planet

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The regulation of the personal habit of smoking, including new legislative moves in San Francisco to ban cigarettes in private homes, and its enforcement by an eager cadre of state snoops and snitches, represents nothing more than a move on behalf of big brother towards the complete subjugation and shackling of the individual. To this end, smoking is healthier than fascism.

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Two new developments today have once again brought this issue into focus and the true agenda behind it needs to be exposed.


In France, a nation once noted as being rich in tobacco connoisseurs, 175,000 “cigarette police” have been given the task of randomly snooping around offices, schools, factories and any other “public spaces” in order to sniff out flouters of a new total ban on smoking.


In San Francisco California, a city ordinance described as “the most stringent tobacco regulation…

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