Africa Must Be Ready To Defend Itself Against Resurgent Western Imperialism

When imperialism impose leaders on you the result is exploitation withouth development,economic depression=poverty
 Africans must denounces the house-slaves,soldout leaders the agents of imperialist or they will continue to remain passive&lacking direction
Any people that oppresses another people is neither civilized non human Neo-imperialism is alive and well, just look at Iraq, just look at Libya,ivory Coast, just look at the way Nigeria is being robbed each day
Belgians were in DR Congo for about 100yrs exploiting that country’s rich minerals resources only managed to develop a single tarred road
The oil- rich Nigeria despite the long existence of the West in that country was still importing fuel from Europe
Exploitation of African people and resources to feed Western greed has changed little since and the imperialism breeds corruption&fraudulent mind sets they stole from Africa 365days centuries&then kill us when we question their sincerity, Imperialist have an insatiable appetite for the Africa bounty.They’re guilty of hoarding Africa resources Since Africa was invaded the only visible development of her people is poverty which is meant to eliminate them and The natural resources of African must remain in the hands of Africa masses instead of having it robbed by multinational corporations
Africans today are so overwhelmingly crazy for western materials we have forgotten those our people that perished during freedom struggle
Slavery Wasn’t a Trade It Was a Robbery and Genocide
The struggle of Africans is the struggle of all citizens who are pathologically oppressed by the imperialist capitalist interests
Political&cultural traitors house slaves are the enemies of Africans struggle to liberate itself from 500years of colonial/slavery brutality
We must straighten our backs and strive for our freedom. No one can ride you, unless your back is bent to be rode on Straighten your mind
Revolt against corrupt imperialist capitalist class with their local puppets &you will feel the spirit of life run right through your body 

Neo-colonialism is also the worst form of imperialism it means exploitation without redress Neo-colonialism like colonialism and Racism denies the people access to life, liberty, to the pursue of happiness, to proper education, to control over their own resources etc


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