Pan-Africanism is generally taken to mean that set of political ideas asserting that Africa is a single entity which must unite All the peoples of the continent are fundamentally similar They all bore the yoke of colonialism not to mention slavery just as today they all suffer the exactions of neo-colonialism The peoples of Africa have a common struggle against a common enemy which dominates and exploits them all imperialism Also there is in Africa a profound cultural unity which thanks to Pan-Africanism proves that the African peoples share a common destiny and Pan Africanism To promote the well-being and unity of African peoples and peoples of African descent throughout the world and To demand self-determination and independence for African peoples and other subject races from the domination of powers claiming sovereignty and trusteeship over them and To secure equality of civil rights for African peoples and the total abolition of all forms of racial discrimination and To strive to co-operate between African peoples and others who share our aspirations


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