Stephen Bantu Biko: Remembering An Intellectual Revolutionary


It is 36 years since Steve Biko left us. The 18th of December would have been his 67th birthday. The secret police who murdered him martyred him. When his body was laid in the soil of King William’s Town, his body contained a seed that would spring from a bond with the soil, giving birth to a movement that would develop many branches. The branches would produce fruits in abundance and they would develop more seeds and more Biko’s would spring forth from those seeds. His memory is now as synonymous to Africa as a baobab tree.

Biko was an exceptional and inspirational leader and an important figure in South African history; he is one of the few leaders who came up with a genuine liberation ideology, Black Consciousness, that was aimed at liberating the minds of black people. It is unfortunate that his incisive mind is no longer with…

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Did you know many African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence till today


They are obliged by France to put all they money into French central bank under French minister of Finance control It’s such an evil system even denounced by the European Union but France is not ready to move from that colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury every year Take the Example of Togo After the independence of the country, France asked the small and poor country to pay for the benefit they’ve got from french colonisation The reimbursement of that so called “colonial debt” was close to 40% of the country budget in 1963 and Till today, 2013, Togo and about 20 other African countries still have to pay colonial debt to France African leaders who refuse are killed and During the last 50 years 45 coup were committed in Africa by French mercenaries and proxies

Africans In Horn Of Africa and Rest of Middle East

Egypt is still so intimidated by its glorious Black Nubian African past that its Arab government would not allow thorough research into Egypt past and In some places who got Arabization in Horn Africa and the rest of the Arab world Africans are treated as the scum of the earth And Blacks in these countries cannot aspire to positions of respect or authority There are hardly Africans in high government positions in Arab governed African countries and you should look into Mauritania left the Economic Community of West African States to join the union formed by the Arab North African States A few years ago Mauritania sacked all black natives from their civil service positions Black Mauritanians protest their plight to the African Union (AU) without receiving attention because AU black leaders fear offending their Arab colleagues in the AU In Mauritania they have had to declare an end to slavery six times in this century alone and still nothing has changed for the captive majority African natives African slavery is still in their statute books African slavery in Mauritania is what the on going quarrel between Mauritania and Senegal is about The quarrel forced black African refugees to pour across the border from Mauritania into Senegal and In Algeria Arabs throw stones at black people including diplomats in markets and other public places and in Saudi Arabia blacks are treated worse than animals after using their life savings to go there on pilgrimage and Hundreds of Ethiopian who have lived all their lives in Saudi Arabia are being repatriated daily right now after loosing an arm or leg for some minor or trumped up offense and without regard for their comfort,welfare or rights and The Arabs succeeded in doing the same thing in Northern Africa where the original Nubian African owners of the land have almost all been wiped out and the rest marginalized (enslaved) by their Arab invaders/settlers since 642 CE and the Islamization is not the problem in Sudan because the majority Furnawi people of Darfur are Muslims the problem in The Fascism government A coalition of 50 charities in Darfur, Sudan published a study in mid December, 2008 confirming what the world already knew that the Janjaweed and the Sudanese army with the backing of their government, during joint or individual attacks, raped, tortured and killed Sudanese Africans and razed their villages to repopulate them with Arab nomads. They rounded up and abducted escapees from hide-outs in the bush and at other times raided refugee camps to kidnap Africans as sex and labour slaves working them to the bones as domestic and farm labour The army flew their captives in planes to Khartoum at night and shared them among soldiers like you allocate bags of commodities and used them as sex and domestic servants Kidnapped victims interviewed said their captors told them that ‘they were not human beings and that they were there to serve them In the five years between 2003 and 2008, over 300,000 Sudanese Africans were killed 100,000 abducted and 2.7 million rendered homeless refugees with their land appropriated by Muslims brotherhood The Khatoum government admitted 14,000 kidnaps You can imagine what happened when the world turned a blind eye on Sudan in the twenty years between 1983 when the conflict began !!!!!