Stay Up, Zimbabwe: Pan-Africanism, Caribbean Solidarity, and Dignity


The Independence of What?

In early August, Jamaica commemorated its 50th anniversary of Independence. At the very end of this month, Trinidad & Tobago will also mark its 50th anniversary of independence. Both “celebrations” were first made possible byJamaica disrupting the West Indies Federationby dropping out in 1962 and choosing to take its path as a solitary state, with Trinidad & Tobago refusing to carry on the Federation in its absence, scattering all in its wake to swim in a sea patrolled by powerful foreign interests, namely the U.S. and Europe. Suddenly, regional integration was turned into a dream that was lost, to be sought in bits and pieces after, with all sorts of obstacles raised to make a new federation in the future seem “impossible,” even as it wasroutinely very “possible” to enter into treaties and trade agreements with the U.S., or to negotiate the…

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