Pan-Africanism & the Women’s Movement


Pan-Africanism & the Women's Movement AWJ Issue 6_Page_01

In this sixth issue of the African Women’s Journal, we continue to keep the African Women’s Decade Alive by stopping to take stock – What has Pan-Africanism meant for the African Women’s Movement, and likewise what has the Women’s Movement meant for Pan-Africanism? Has one impacted on the other, and in what ways? These are some of the questions that are explored in this issue.

Throughout the issue, articles point to the fact that the two: Pan-Africanism and the African Women’s movements work hand in hand and are in fact, inseparable, one cannot move without the other – as Sankara asserts – both are a necessity for the triumph of the revolution.

We open the Journal with “Pan-Africanism” a poetry piece by Nebila that reflects on what Pan-Africanism is[nt] followed by a piece by Semiha who takes a critical look at the parallels between Pan-Africanism and the African Women’s Movement, and how…

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