War is that word that you hate most people around the world but in spite of this hatred all the nations of the world have fought wars for either old or in the modern era wars are fought for several reasons notably the struggle for natural resources or to liberate the land But the history of the human race witnessed the occurrence of certain exotic as a result of wars and motives seem illogical reasons and we will try in the next lines to monitor the strangest 10 wars in human history by the European

1 – Rent War (France)
Is a war that lasted 98 years but did not leave one victim Began to root of the problem in 1883 AD when he felt the citizens of the village of rent Spanish furious at the ill-treatment of Spanish King Alfonso XII of the citizens of the French capital (Paris), and this decided Miguel Garcia Saez – Mayor for rent – with the residents of the village 300 people only At the time the declaration of war on the French State on October 14 1883 and although it did not occur any confrontation between the two sides War officially ended in 1981 after a visit to King Juan Carlos to Paris in 1976 and there was met with welcome and utter respect and after five years the Village Council decided to rent to end the war which did not have any losses at all in recognition of the behavior of the French
2 – traditional wooden war
Traditional wooden war broke out in 1325 and lasted for about 12 years between the cities of Bologna and Modena Italian women result of the city of Modena soldiers raided the city of Bologna and the theft of a wooden bucket made of oak had a special place when Bologna population As a result declared the city of Bologna war on Modena to restore the prestige and most importantly her bucket and the war continued until 1337 and left a large number of victims although it did not succeed Bologna at all in the restoration of Aquarius since the Aquarius there to this day in the city of Modena
4 – war wayward dog
Were not relationships very well between Greece and Bulgaria in 1925 participated both countries in the First World War and pitted their forces in fighting various Despite the end of the war for more than 7 years the two sides remained in a stimulating and always ready to go to war again The border area extension is always experiencing some minor skirmishes between the two sides but saw a border area called Petrich events that brought things to a boiling point and the reason was lost dog On October 22, 1925 was a Greek soldiers playing with his dog when he walked into the dog Bulgarian border and immediately made one of the guards Bulgarians killing dog shot which provoked not only the soldier dog owner but the Greek state as a whole and immediately decided to take revenge for the dog and the invaded area Petrich The next day soldiers Bulgarians expelled from the area and then resorted Bulgaria to the League of Nations which ordered the immediate withdrawal of Greece from the region and to pay compensation to Bulgaria a decision which has complied with Greece Continued war wayward dog for 10 days (from October 23 until November 2 1925) and left 52 people dead on both sides and because Greece was forced to pay 45 thousand pounds in compensation for the Bulgarian state for damages caused to them
5 – Aroostook County War
War Erostock was a face of war between the forces of Great Britain on the one hand and the American forces on the other hand on the borders of Maine and had this problem historical roots After the War of 1812 British forces occupied most of the eastern region of the state but is no longer any troops in the region after it and considered a British territory and this situation continued until the winter of 1838 when the group decided to of loggers Americans go to the region and cut some trees, which provoked Great Britain Britain decided immediately to move its troops and then the American side in the same step and seemed war is inevitable inescapable, but the error in the process of logistics for both sides for the war a bit but with the arrival of military equipment and supplies waited on both sides the first step of the other party for almost a year In the meantime both governments succeeded in reaching an agreement to grant eastern Maine to the U.S. government but they remain a demilitarized zone does not exist where U.S. forces War Erostock – which did not occur lasted 11 months (December 1838 – November 1839) and although not release any of the armies of fire has occurred during that period more than 550 people were killed as a result of illnesses and accidents that occurred during training
6 – War Pig
Another war was on the verge of the outbreak between Britain and America and was the first spark when British troops opened fire on a pig in the American territory and kill him, but immediately decided to America full mobilization of its forces gathered at the border between the two parties, and waited for the British reply British response arrived several months after the killing of the pig and it was through a formal letter of apology for the incident and this did not result in this war which lasted for four months (June-October 1859) only the killing of a pig and the only one without any casualties
7 – The 335-year-old war
Is a war was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly located 40 kilometers from the south-west coast of the United Kingdom, but like many of the wars that were breaking out in that era did not take sides declaration of war seriously but what distinguishes this war be declared lasted for more than three centuries and ended with the signing of a peace agreement in 1986 The war is now the longest war or a declaration of war in human history and although it lasted for about 335 years (1986 – 1651) did not leave any victims at all
8- Moldavian War
War broke out following the collapse of the Soviet Union specifically in March 1992 when a sought territory of Transnistria to secede from Moldova which broke in turn from the Soviet Union in 1991 where he wanted residents of the region secede from the modern state and to join Russia with the support of the troops and separatist government loyal to Russia in the region While the Moldovan government sees the need to do more to communicate and rapprochement with Romania
Characterized this war peculiar severe while erupt battles am very strongly on both sides were to meet troops of the parties evening in nightclubs and arenas sipping a drink and having fun together but that the soldiers from both sides were holding deals and agreements of mutual so do not kill each other if they going in battles which is the surprise of the whole world as a result of this strange collective behavior
extended war for four months (from 2 March until July 21, 1992) did not yield almost nothing but death in 1300 almost from both sides and enables the territory of Transnistria from the declaration of independence and maintain its forces and its borders, but not recognized internationally only two Chbhanh namely Abkhazia ( recognized by only 4 countries namely Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Nauru) and South Ossetia (recognized by the same four countries) and did not succeed Transnistria region to join Russia so far
9- Alamo war
Unique to this war as a war only official almost was not one of the parties of humans, in 1932 suffered Australia strongly from the sharp rise in the number of birds Alamo (Bird’s original biggest in the continent of Australia) which exceeded the numbers then 20 thousand birds were causing huge losses For ranchers which was Invasion and eat their crops after to tell her food in the desert which was live which enter Australia in an economic crisis what summoned them to officially declare war on these birds that resemble ostriches much Posted Australia limited power of its army equipped with machine guns to kill the birds Alamo wherever they found them in November 1932 but the military campaign faced several difficulties were not taken into account the most important of the birds were borne by the shots and continue jogging which tire forces strongly due to their strength and speed, and after one week of the start of the campaign announced that the Australian government stopped in implicit recognition of the superiority of birds significantly, declaring that the fight would be in other ways Alamo war continued full week (from 11 to 18 November 1932) and enables Australian troops in that period of only two thousand birds killed almost which was considered a catastrophic failure at the time



How long Time shall we suffer at the feet of the wicked how long shall they break asunder thy heritage, and inflict their cruelty upon the earth How long shall the workers of iniquity shatter the conscious of humanity How long shall the widow and the fatherless suffer this indignation and carry it in their souls who shall set us free and deliver us from this wretched condition called life?