Landscape is the artistic architecture of natural scenery Politics is a natural phenomenon which has observable structure and form It is the duty of every citizen to study and observe complex composition of political elements and their combinations in society In modern times, elements of political landscape operate within a political party or organization in a given space A political party or organization is an interest based institution The combination of abstract parts in political party defines its character and behaviour The behaviour of a political party or organization is not accidental The manner of conduct flows from the ideological and political designs of the political institution The fundamental political factors are philosophy, ideology, governance doctrine, strategy and tactics The dynamic interaction between these five characteristics determines party ability to acquire and maintain power Party governance doctrine strategy and tactic determine cohesion and performance whereas the clarity in philosophy and ideology crystallize party policies and programmes Philosophy is a theoretical basis of understanding knowledge, ethics and existence It is personal belief on how to approach situation. It is spectacle through which a world is viewable All parties have attitude which is informed by its interest group Ideology is a form of political orientation that explains problems in society and their solutions It is a set of organised guiding principles The science of ideas that characterises the thinking of group informed by its interests The attitude and orientation determine party policy The ideological contradiction split the same constituency or class in different parties and the Governance doctrine defines how a party or an organization regulates and administers its affairs Strategy and tactic have to do with external operations of the organization The strategy and tactic are informed by philosophy, ideology and governance doctrine Policies and programmes are a product of party the ideological outlook Those who analyzise the political landscape through policy or program will fall in deceptive traps of parties,  Party change their policies and program as the environment dictates but do not change three fundamental characteristics namely philosophy, ideology and governance doctrine Politics is not a matter of entertainment but a matter of class or group interest It is a war for hegemony of state power and authority People should not join participate or vote for a political party without fully understanding their party’s interest informed by philosophy, ideology and governance doctrine


The Move Organization is a Black Liberation group


The Move Organization is a Black Liberation group from Philadelphia started by John Africa in 1972 According to the group the word MOVE is not an acronym It means exactly what it says MOVE, work, generate, be active Their philosophy is everything that’s alive moves and If it didn’t, it would be stagnant, dead. Movement is their principle of Life. Self Defense is also one of their principles of life and On May 13, 1985 they definitely showed that The confrontation began when police came to their house over 100 strong with guns aimed and demanded the MOVE members come outside Still angry from the 1978 confrontation with police which resulted in 9 MOVE members being sentenced to 30 to 100 years in prison, they refused The police then began throwing tear gas and opening fire at the house The MOVE house had been built as a bunker and they began shooting back After hours of shooting the Police called for a helicopter and dropped a BOMB on the house Yup you read right The cops dropped a bomb in the middle of a neighborhood in Philly It’s Crazy how far America will go to subdue Black people After the bomb dropped 65 homes were destroyed and 11 people including 5 small children were killed As the survivors of the MOVE house began to surrender, police continued to open fire at them with automatic weapons One of the MOVE children actually ran into a burning house to avoid being shot by police She would later be found burned to death There is a great documentary that was released that illustrates the constant police brutality they faced and the bombing Today 35 years later the MOVE 9 like many other black political prisoners continue to sit in Prison and each year they are denied the right to parole In a system that has always been so hell bent against us one must wonder When Will We Overcome?
Revolution starts with the individual It starts with a person making a personal commitment to do what’s right You can’t turn someone into a revolutionary by making them chant slogans or wave guns To understand revolution you must be sound Revolution is not imposed upon another it is kindled within them A person can talk about revolution but if they are still worshiping money or putting drugs into their body they obviously haven’t committed themselves to doing what’s right Revolution is not a philosophy it is an activity