Nato Out Africa


One of the best lie that been used in Western media propaganda is “NATO is fighting for humanity In Third World ” The imperialist Capitalist journalists are paid to create brainwash propaganda for their slave masters and Imperialist mass media is nothing but propaganda dressed up as entertainment,that brainwash the masses


Truth About ICC

The failure of ICC to compel the United States, Russia, China and several other major countries to join the ICC has compromised its effectiveness and non-partisanship And Why Africans ratified to this so-called International Criminal Court which is a hypothetical and a rule of hypocrisy And We all know ICC respect/fear only the major powers and allowing them to enjoying jurisdictional rights and decrees of unlimited power and ICC became selective when initiate its indictments Targeting only leaders from the Third world which mainly Africans you can see Some people like Bill Clinton and George Walker Bush had done dozen of war crimes against humanity and crime of aggressions against other sovereignty states But eventually they all abscond war crimes and walked away cleaned hands as prudent heroes And The formation of Security Council and its five permanent members reflect the discriminatory power structure that existed since from the end of world war II the time when much of the world was under colonial Intrinsically the creation of UN-Security Council was designed with a purpose to furthering political inequality between the West vis-a-vis the Third World


How long Time shall we suffer at the feet of the wicked how long shall they break asunder thy heritage, and inflict their cruelty upon the earth How long shall the workers of iniquity shatter the conscious of humanity How long shall the widow and the fatherless suffer this indignation and carry it in their souls who shall set us free and deliver us from this wretched condition called life?