The defeatists among us will find a million reasons why we should abandon the core principles of African liberation and The haters among us will attack those of us who fight for the liberation of our people, including the liberation of the African mind The collaborators with white supremacy among us will call those of us who believe in the empowerment of Black people foolish What we must do is surround ourselves with like-people people who realize that our culture and history is our immune system Never give up the fight and surround yourself with like-minded people


Why are people surprised by the verdict? You have to understand in this world Global Africans are not fully human in the minds of most people We are only 3 fifts of a human being This is why millions can die in the Congo and people don’t know about it. This is why in the early 1900s Germans can kill over 70,000 Namibians and they can get away with it Leopold of Belgium can kill over 10 million Congolese and cut off limbs and many people don’t know about it This is why Obama tells Africans on the continent to get over colonization and Africans in America to get over racism and tells Israelis to never forget about the Holocaust You have to understand that Israelis are more human than Global Africans (Bullshit) So our suffering is not humanized This is why we will never get reparations Japanese and Jewish people get it because they are more human than us This is why we can be killed and beat up by police like Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and Rodney King with impunity Troy Davis can be killed for nothing Millions of families lives can be affected by the prison industrial complex in the New Jim Crow and we get no sympathy So Zimmerman getting off is no surprise to me in this Global system of white supremacy Also with all these injustices we have been going through for centuries we are used to this happening We have been struggling and fighting for so long so I guess we are sick of fighting